Himmelzimmer /

Himmelzimmer is an architectural design practice in Melbourne dedicated to investigating an architecture that evolves from a continuous dialogue of imaginative and practical thinking.


The himmelzimmer name is a combination of two words of German origin, a reflection of founder Dirk Zimmermann’s European background – ‘zimmer’ taken from Zimmermann, in German means ‘a room’, which together with the word ‘himmel’, equates to ‘a room in the sky’.


The hard edged lineal forms of the himmelzimmer logotype reflect architectural precision and the structural element of architecture – while the flamboyant colourfields, which transition throughout time, talk of the poetic, and the creativity of inspired built solutions.


There are five colourfields in the himmelzimmer brand, which vary in application across all brand touchpoints:
dawn, sunrise, midday, sunset, and dusk.

Scope : Brand Identity, Stationery, Forms, Notepad, Brand Guidelines, Signage.

Beautyologist /

Parks Victoria /

Our deckchairs and directors chairs contributed to an exciting new pilot initiative from Parks Victoria, the Eco sleeper pod, which was launched at the Grand Prix Melbourne 2018, and then relocated to the Point Nepean National Park.


The initiative will enable people to stay overnight in a state or national park in a sustainably-built pod and experience different nature-based activities. By connecting more visitors with the natural beauty in Victoria’s parks, it will help protect our environment for the future,

Scope : Deckchair design and manufacturing, Australian Wildflower Design Series, Billy Button design

Australia Post Philatelic /


The ‘With Love’ stamp series for Australia Post are designed to express the many different types of love, whether friendship, affection, love for family, as well as romantic love. They were released for Valentine’s Day 2018, the traditional day for sending cards to sweethearts and lovers.


We set out to design a strikingly different interpretation of Love and Affection for Australia Post’s annual Love themed stamps. The designs needed to be versatile and inclusive of all types of Love, while also communicating affection and goodwill, appealing to a diverse audience from the Australian general public to International stamp collectors, across a wide range of age groups.


Ideally the set of stamps would be used on multiple occasions, for instance; Weddings, Engagements, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Births and Bereavements etc.


The designs had to be iconic, yet flexible enough for Australia Post to create supporting material and merchandise.

Scope : Postage Stamp Series, Illustration, Stamp Pack, Maxicards, First Day Cover, Stamp Booklet, Stamp Sheets.
This material has been reproduced with the permission of the Australian Postal Corporation. © Copyright Australian Postal Corporation.

Celebrant /

Scope : Brand Identity, Business Cards & Stationery, Marketing Collateral, Website Design, Greetings Cards, Building Signage.


Scope : Brand Identity, Business Card boxes, Marketing Collateral, Event Signage.

Ned Kelly /


Energize Pilates /

Scope : Brand Identity, Stationery, Brochure Collateral, Marketing Collateral, Window Graphics, Reception Signage, Building Signage, Website Design and Production.

Zero Gradi /

Silver Winner of the Melbourne Design Award 2016 for Graphic Design – Illustration and Type.

Falinc was engaged by Gradi Group (owner of established restaurants at Crown Casino, Lygon Street and Essendon Melbourne) to create the brand for Zero Gradi, a new gelato business. The new brand needed to work across independent gelateria shops to be rolled out nationally, as well as incorporated into the existing Gradi restaurants. The client, a known pizzaiolo, chef, restauranteur and Italian native, was crowned master of the margherita pizza at the World Pizza Championships in Parma Italy in 2014, and is now bringing traditional Italian style gelato (with a modern twist) to Australia.


The objective of the project was to create a unique identity to reflect the new product offer; to differentiate Zero Gradi from it’s competitors; and develop an identity that extends across a diverse range of packaging, product, print, digital and signage applications. Whilst being a contemporary, competitive and independent brand, it was essential to have some connection to its Italian origins, and the ability to sit within the existing Gradi restaurants which have a reputation for award winning traditional Italian cuisine, with a diverse range of customers that appreciate quality.


The new brand represents the personality of Zero Gradi – timeless, tasteful, elegant, and yet contemporary and cool. The bespoke typography reflects not only the texture of the gelato product with its creamy swirls and peaks, but harks back to the handcrafted 3-dimensional lettering one would find on a historic gelateria shopfront in Italy. The fresh green colour alludes to the use of fresh fruit in the gelato (not all gelateria use real fruit), whilst the gold and black exude a timeless elegance. The subtle criss-cross patterning of the background reflects the diamond texture of the waffled cones. It speaks of passion – from the clients passion for their Italian gelato – to the designers passion in meticulously crafting the bespoke fonts.

Scope : Brand Identity, Typography Design, Business Cards, Stationery, Gelato Cups, Retail Packaging, Gelato Cones, Branded Ribbon, Retail Bag, Signage.

Z Furniture

Fair Work Ombudsman

Winner of the Melbourne Design Award 2014 for Branded Experience.


The Fair Work Ombudsman is an independent statutory office which has a legislative responsibility to promote harmonious, productive and cooperative workplaces, and educate people working in Australia about their workplace rights and obligations. The purpose of the Annual Wage Review 2014 campaign was to raise awareness amongst workplace participants about the annual wage review, drive traffic to the new website and promote customer self-service.
We created a set of characters, each related to one of the four launch stages of the campaign. Delivering key messages in a simple and clear manner across digital communications, through social media channels and EDM’s. The new Annual Wage Review campaign is friendly, engaging, and accessible – encouraging clients to subscribe to updates and follow on social media.

Scope : Campaign Identity, Illustrations, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), Google Advertising, Images for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Banners for the FWO Intranet, Posters.

St Michael’s Grammar School /

Awarded a Merit Award from the Society of Environmental Graphic Design USA, for the Donor Recognition Sculpture.


St Michael’s Grammar School identified the need for a ‘brand refresh’ and revised positioning statement. Falinc was commissioned in collaboration with Nexus Designs to revise the School’s branding across all forms of marketing communications.


Utilising strong graphic elements that reflected the School’s values and culture of creativity, we improved consistency in the look and feel of School communications and fostered better recognition of the brand for the School community, prospective parents, and the broader community.

Scope : Visual Language, Staff handbooks, Parent handbooks, M News magazine, Yearbooks, Prospectus, Diaries – Senior & Junior School, Community directory, Posters, Invitations, School maps, Exhibition catalogue, Exhibition display, Exhibition signage, Uniform badge, Christmas cards, Advertising, Site boards, Website, Digital newsletter, Digital templates, Pool hoarding, Pool window decal, Donor recognition sculpture, Commemorative plaques, Honour board, Building signage, Directional signage. Product Design & Manufacture.

For complete works see St Michael’s Grammar School under Product section of website.

Federation Square /

The brief was to add an organic feel to Federation Square in Melbourne through the development of the new outdoor comfort zones.


The design was inspired by an Australian rock garden theme, with plants and foliage sprouting from the rocky ground of Federation Square. Illustrations are based on Australian plants, with the colour palette of the landscape – the desert, eucalyptus and black box natives. The brightly coloured furry garden tool displays in the furniture storage units are an artistic interpretation of the potting shed. Designs were developed over the deck chairs, directors chairs, cushions, umbrellas and storage units.


Winner of the Melbourne Design Award 2013 for Graphic Design in the Environment.

Scope : Design & Illustration, Deck chair, Directors chair, Cushion, Umbrella, Furniture Storage Unit, Product Design & Manufacturing.

Deckchairs, directors chairs, cushions, and furry gnomes are available from our online shop.
Photography by Christian Hogue.


Old-school /

‘Old-school Edition #1′ are our range of repurposed school assembly chairs. We think the elegant and simple constructions and the natural wear and tear from the past are worth saving, so we use the existing function and add contemporary patterns to transform it into something new.


Old-school are tubular steel frame chairs with the choice of 3 patterns, which are applied to order. For large orders we are able to custom design a pattern. Old-school are a collection aimed at creating an alternative recycling concept. Old-school are available for purchase from our online shop.

Scope : Pattern Design & Production.

Marimekko /

Bold patterns from the Marimekko outdoor range of fabric. Manufactured to order for the domestic market.

Deckchairs are available from our online shop.
Scope : Product Design & Manufacturing.

Wonder Kindy /

Wonder Kindy set out to revolutionise the child care industry by being the provider of experiences that open minds. With the director of Wonder Kindy being a professor and the residing Dean at Sydney’s Notre Dame University, the company’s approach is educational, focussing on the whole child’s early learning and development.


We created a Brand that shows the stages of development, demonstrated by the skill and ability that improves as the child grows. The colouring-in references learning through fun, showing that the children are being cared for in a holistic way - for their emotional, physical and intellectual wellbeing. We also created the tag line ‘Play Learn Grow’ to be used on communications, which reflects their unique positioning. Since completing this project, Wonder Kindy has had great success, becoming a leading children’s service in Victoria.

Scope : Brand strategy, Competitor review, Brand Identity, Tag line, Stationery, Presentation folder, Brochure collateral, Newsletter, Banners, Advertising, Signage, Environmental, T shirts, Art smocks, Website.

Seven Network /

Born out of the colour bar introduced in 1975 when television began transmitting in colour, the new identity comprises a Brandmark which rotates and folds across the screen through the colour spectrum to finally form a red figure seven. Infinitely flexible, the new identity is an evolution from the previous ‘broken seven’ and distinctly different from other television station identities. The colour spectrum is used in different guise throughout the applications as a part of an extendable Visual Language.

Scope : Brand Identity, On-screen Identities, Events branding, Stationery, Annual reports, Award certificates, Presentation templates, Promotional items, Posters, Banners, Billboards, Advertising, Livery, Website, Intranet, Screensavers, Signage, Brand guidelines.


Barwon Health /

A restorative garden for major health care provider Barwon Health. The McKellar Centre at Geelong provides a range of rehabilitation services, residential aged care and palliative care. Buildings at the heart of the complex were demolished to better connect the hospital community and provide a diverse space for social events, exercise, rehabilitation or quiet reflection.


Falinc worked with Outline Landscape Architects to produce a series of contemporary outdoor bench seating. Constructed as repeating units in blackbutt timber with raw galvanised steel arms, the benches are set onto concrete blocks and positioned around the amphitheatre, stage area and gardens. Stainless steel handrails were manufactured by Falinc and positioned alongside stairs and ramps to aid the rehabilitative purpose of the facility in developing mobility and access training.

Scope : Outdoor Furniture, Handrails, Manufacturing.

Holier Than Thou /

Holier Than Thou is a heavenly range of indoor/outdoor furniture, designed and manufactured by Falinc. Fabricated from decoratively perforated steel sheeting, and finished in a high gloss powder-coating, the range is available in an array of divine colours and a choice of holy patterns including: ‘Garden of Eden’, ‘Holy Communion’ and ‘Palm Sunday’.


The products are a highly durable and hard-wearing furniture for long term use. The matching Low table is a bonus – a rarity to find in a Low Lounge setting. The range blends together a traditionally heavy industrial material with the delicateness and intricacy of contemporary patterns – blending industrial experimentation and poetic allure. The products have an element of fun, of beauty, and practicality.

The Holier Than Thou series are available from our online shop.
Scope : Product Design, Pattern Design, Production & Manufacturing.

Green Magazine /


Illustration for Green Magazine for an editorial section about incorporating water saving into new house design or renovation.

Scope : Illustration.

FlyBuys /

With the introduction of several major shopping rewards programs into the market, FlyBuys was being challenged as Australia’s favourite. FlyBuys revised their awards program so that points could be accumulated more rapidly, and included smaller rewards that could be obtained in a quicker time frame.


Falinc developed a new Brandmark, which with its forward direction communicates rapidity and speed. The Visual Language was created to reinforce this message with the introduction of FlyBuys corporate ‘speed stripes’ and ‘arrows’. A new tag line ‘Make it Count’ was created, and the existing corporate colour was refreshed to invigorate the new Brand, while retaining a link to the previous.

Scope : Tag line, Brand Identity, Visual Language, Card Design, Brochure Collateral, Advertising, Points-System Branding.

Corporate Culture /


The brief was to design a concept based around the letter ‘C’ for the cover of Corporate Culture’s Magazine. This was a design competition, where the prize was a CH07 chair.


‘C is for clever’. The rationale is to use the cover competition to further promote the CH07, and to raise awareness of the rest of the Carl Hansen & Son collection available from Corporate Culture. The ‘C’ words describe not only the CH collection, but highlight the values of Corporate Culture – promoting the Corporate Culture brand. The tone is clever, cheeky, and cool. The clean look compliments the previous cover issues, and incorporates the Corporate Culture colour palette.

Scope : Magazine front cover.

Knight Frank /

Collins two3four, located in the fashion precinct of Melbourne’s CBD, prides itself on its many boutique women’s and men’s clothing stores.


Falinc created a Brand Identity to appeal to the target audience, and seasonal campaigns to allow collins two3four to renew and refresh their Visual Language throughout the year. Each of the seasons feature intriguingly surreal images of models sporting garments of seasonal themes and secondary items symbolic of the time of year. Seasonal identities each have their own distinctive character, with images, models, hair and makeup reflecting the mood quarterly.

Scope : Brand Identity, Tag line, Stationery, Shopping bag, Promotional items, Banners, Advertising, Site hoarding, Billboards, Signage, Tram, Website design & production, Brand guidelines.

bnext /

bnext is Big Sky Credit Union’s youth online banking product. bnext was designed to communicate to the youth market in its own language, providing financial solutions that relate to lifestyle choices. The bnext website offers products, services, advice and the opportunity to join an on-line community.


To reflect this multiple offer the brand is based on a kaleidoscope, whereby a myriad of possibilities is available. Our brand solution has positioned bnext as a market leader in the youth banking sector. bnext was awarded an industry Abacus award for its innovation in creating a new brand, focused on the youth market.


Winner of the Abacus Finance Industry Award for innovation in creating a new brand.

Scope : Brand Identity, Brochure colateral, Website, ATM Cards.

Bilfinger Berger /

Bilfinger Berger is an investor, developer and operator of large public infrastructure projects. It is responsible for the design, construction and operation of the hospitals, schools, prisons and roads that communities need, and also funds them for the long-term. We were commissioned to develop the existing brand communication while retaining the company’s corporate logo.


A visual language, which consists of a hexagonal pattern, was introduced to reinforce the connections between the company’s operations and the communities that Bilfinger Berger service. This graphic language was used across all brand and communications applications. Before commencing the creative works, a fully comprehensive international brand review was undertaken, and on completion the new solutions were applied to all global offices including Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK.

Scope : Brand audit, Competitor review, Visual Language, Tag line, Brochure collateral, Banners, Mousemat, Presentation templates, Website design & production.

Australian Chamber Orchestra /

Australia Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra provides the opportunity to hear the great music of our civilisation, up-close and personal in the most dramatic internal performance settings in Australia.


Using a seasonal thematic approach, we created a distinctive brand image across web and print – positioning Pro Arte as a creative centre of musical excellence. Prima Era is the Spring seasonal programme.

Scope : Program Identity, Brochure collateral, Posters, Banners, Website design & production.

Australia Post Philatelic /


Winner of the 2008 Create Design Award for illustration.

With more than 100 Christmas stamp designs that have been sent on mail nationally and internationally from Australia Post since 1957, the challenge was to come up with a new way of interpreting the Christmas story.
Falinc drew on familiar symbols and characters of the Nativity as the central element of each design, combined with elements reminiscent of Christmas decorations and of stained glass windows one may find in a church. Falinc developed unique patterned motifs for each stamp, emphasising their symbolic significance. The designs are deliberately intricate and detailed. Surfaces are ornamented and embellished. The use of gold alludes to the richness of religious icons; the depth of colour reflects the vibrant qualities of Christmas baubles.

Scope : Postage stamp series, Illustration, Aerogramme, Stamp pack cover, Christmas cards, Gift cards, Pre-paid envelopes, Wrapping paper.
This material has been reproduced with the permission of the Australian Postal Corporation. © Copyright Australian Postal Corporation.

Arte & Frank /

Shortlisted for the IDEA Award 2011 for Best Illustration.


When two established hair and beauty salons – Arte (Melbourne), and Franco (London, New York, Montreal) joined forces, Arte & Frank was born. The Brandmark which is used across the group of salons was in need of additional elements to create impact and brand recognition.


By creating an illustrative style that is unique to the business – using the logo and corporate colour as part of the illustration – Falinc developed a Visual Language for Arte & Frank that is both striking and memorable, allowing the Brand to be customised for each salon, or refreshed for an event or season.

Scope : Visual Language, Illustration, Window decal, Appointment cards, Website design and production.

BlueCross /

The vision for the BlueCross brand was to change the face of aged care by focusing on wellness, to redevelop the brand to symbolise the consolidation of a number of other business acquisitions, while also communicating BlueCross’s positioning as a premium quality, aged care service provider.


The brandmark we developed depicts a butterfly, which, as a symbol of change and transition, reflects the move of older Australians to a different phase of their lives and their first engagement with BlueCross. It also creates an immediate impression of vibrancy and wellbeing that both resonates with the target audience and reflects the values and personality of the brand.

Scope : Brand audit, Consumer research, Internal research, Competitor review, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Tag line, Stationery, Brochure collateral, Building signage, Website design and production, Brand guidelines.

APlus /

Formed in 1982 as Apprenticeships Plus, the newly named APlus links apprentices and trainees with employers across more than 50 separate vocations. The objective of the project was to develop a new identity to reflect the new name, to differentiate APlus from it’s competitors, and develop an identity that represents the future of the industry and allows for extended services.


The new visual identity represents the personality of the APlus brand: professional, diligent, supportive and accessible. The ‘plus’ device serves as an indicator of groups coming together to work towards positive outcomes, while at the same time alluding to the added value that the organisation offers.

Scope : Naming, Brand audit, Consumer research, Internal research, Competitor review, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Tag line, Stationery, Brochure collateral, Building signage, Website design and production, Brand guidelines.

South Bank Corporation /

South Bank Corporation has been the creative force behind Brisbane’s multi-award winning riverfront precinct; managing and maintaining some of the State’s most prized assets which are visited by more than ten million people each year.


Falinc were commissioned to introduce a deckchair seating scheme to South Bank, and took inspiration from the theme of ‘connecting South Bank’– reflecting the journey throughout the site, and the integration between juxtapositions of the parkland and streetscape; softscape and hardscape; organic and geometric. Falinc developed the design of the traditional deckchair to be a more durable and stable chair to meet the demands of the commercial market.

Deckchairs are available from our online shop.
Photography by Christian Hogue.
Scope : Design & Illustration, Product Design & Manufacturing.

Hex Bar, Malaysia /


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: Design and production of Barstool, Dry Bar.

St Michael’s Grammar School /

Our goal for St Michael’s Grammar School was to provide a donor recognition board sympathetic to the subtleties of the architecture, while recognising the contributions of donors, encouraging future donors, and inspiring staff and students.


The front face of the sculpture comprises a flat stencilled sheet, and with each donation made to the fund, the donor’s name is added onto the wooden ‘stem’ on the left hand side. The corresponding aluminium stem is then released from the board (to reveal the oak panel underneath), and curled out to become a part of an ever changing and evolving sculpture. The solution is a sculpture that accommodates future donor recognition, while appearing complete.


Falinc received a Merit Award from the Society of Environmental Graphic Design USA, for their donor recognition sculpture.

Scope : Donor recognition sculpture, Commemorative plaques, Honour board, Building signage, Directional signage. Product Design & Manufacture.

For complete works see St Michael’s Grammar School under Brand section of website. 

Ampersand /

A start up fashion and accessories brand, which integrates beautifully crafted street-cool designs with refined luxury items.

Scope : Brand strategy, Name generation, Brand Identity, Stationery, Swingtag, Website.

IDEA Award 2011: Best Illustration /

September 2011
Best Illustration Category : Arte & Frank : Shortlisted images

Evolve Award 2010: Rug Design /

September 2010
Our Rug Design series ‘Vivid’ is shortlisted to the top 25 designs. images

SEGD Awards, USA 2009: Merit Award, Environmental Graphic Design /

August 2009
Falinc’s ‘Donor Recognition Sculpture’ for St Michael’s Grammar School won a 2009 Merit Award from the Society of Environmental Graphic Design, USA.
“This exquisite donor recognition sculpture takes excellent advantage of new fabrication techniques, but with a humanistic touch in the best tradition of mid-Century Scandinavian designs of Alvar Aalto…” The Jury


Tokyo DesignTide 2008: Product Launch Japan /

30 October-3 November 2008
Exhibited alongside fellow Australian designers Nick Rennie, Gregory Bonasera, and Trent Jansen as part of the Tokyo Design Festival. images


London Design Festival 2008: Product Launch UK /

September 2008
The 2008 London Design Festival saw Falinc exhibiting with Designersblock UK in their striking new home at Covent Garden’s No1, The Piazza, in the heart of London’s West End. With a fairytale beginning, the launch party saw the Princess of Norway taking a break and relaxing on our red Garden of Eden easy chair. A magical moment with bodyguards and paparazzi gathered around the Falinc space. images


IDEA Award 2008: Best Product /

September 2008
Best Product Category : Holier Than Thou, Square Series : Shortlisted

IDEA Award 2008: Best Emerging Designers /

September 2008
Best Emerging Designers : Falinc Shortlisted

I Saloni Milan 2008: Product Launch Italy /

16-21 April 2008
Melbourne design duo Falinc exhibited their ‘Holier Than Thou’ collection at the Milan Furniture Fair, in the week of the Saloni Mobile 2008. Joining maverick UK group Designersblock at their 8th show in Milan, the chosen venue was a 1950s outdoor swimming pool complex in Milan’s hip Zona Tortona precinct.


Feria Valencia Furniture Fair 2007: Product Launch Spain /

24-29 September 2007

IDEA Award 2007: Best Product /

September 2007
Best Product Category : Holier Than Thou, Low Lounge series : Shortlisted
As part of the awards night at Cockatoo Island Sydney, Falinc exhibited their Holier Than Thou Low Lounge series throughout the industrial buildings of the historic naval boat building hangers.


Launch Pad 2007: Best Product /

29 August-16 September 2007
Best Product Category : Holier Than Thou, Low Lounge series : Finalist
Held in conjunction with Saturday in Design, the Launch Pad exhibition of finalists prototypes were held at Living Edge Studio in Sydney and at Living Edge Melbourne.



Saturday InDesign 2007: Product Launch, Corporate Culture Sydney /

27 July 2007

DesignEX 2007: Product Launch Melbourne /

19-21 April 2007
Falinc showcased their latest furniture offerings at the DesignEX 2007 Champagne and Oyster Bar. Their newly released ‘Holier Than Thou’ collection created a divine setting for visitors to congregate over a glass of bubbly and shucked oysters.