Falinc is a creative, strategic graphic design practice. We create, refresh, and manage brands.
A collaboration of Melbourne-based brand strategists, designers and craftspeople, Falinc works across complementary disciplines for a diverse range of clients, from some of the world’s biggest companies to the smallest start-ups. We approach each project with the belief that whether it’s for a company, product or service, the outcome must engage and delight your audience and provide tangible business returns.
Each member of our team applies a creative and strategic instinct to everything they do, whether it’s the rigorous approach we take to solving a problem, seeing opportunities others miss, being environmentally conscious, or ensuring what we produce meets our exacting standards. Falinc is where brand, design and product intersect.

What we do…
Brand : Brand audit, Competitor review, Communication strategy, Marketing strategy, Brand strategy, Name generation, Copy writing, Brand identity, Stationery, Publications, Marketing collateral, Advertising, Packaging, Livery, Uniforms, Website design & production, Digital media, Illustration, Exhibition & trade events.
Product : Signage & Wayfinding, Product design, Furniture design, Sculpture design, Production & Manufacturing.